Tata Kayu

About Us

Established in 2001 in Bali, we specialize in customized furniture and interior works for wholesale and retail. Our style is inspired by meticulous artwork and artisanal architectural elements using legal and reclaimed woods for a more sustainable future . In Tata Kayu, we combine both worlds where we work together with local artisans and professional architects and interior designers. Hawaii, Los Angeles, New York, Dubai, and Switzerland are only a few out of our clients throughout the world. With the dynamic of having architects and interior designers in our team, we make it possible and easy to deliver your needs. Ensuring high quality control, high craftsmanship, and your satisfaction are our priorities.

We Do

We make architectural elements to complement your dream design; Doors, Windows, Interior Items, and Artworks. Customized and made-to-order for you. For a fuzz free solution, we also have ready-to-buy items.

Choose Us?

An all-in-one solution with skilled and passionate craftsmanship. We work from the beginning of the process from designing, workshop drawing, curating materials and hardware, a thorough process, to finishing. Consultations and discussions are essentials. We are open for any discussion; in person, e-mails, or video meeting.